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TM-280 - Studio Quality Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone | Premium Studio Condenser Microphone
TM-180 - Studio Condenser Microphone | The perfect microphone for Studio or Stage
TM-60 - Studio Condenser Microphone | Battery Powered, Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
TM-90BM - Boundary Condenser Microphone | The perfect microphone for Podcast and Studio
TM-95GN - Desktop Gooseneck Microphone | The perfect microphone for Podcast and Podium
DR-10X - Micro Linear PCM Recorder | Connects directly to ENG microphones
DR-10L - Capture audio where it happens | No cables, no wireless, no worries
DR-10SG - Camera-mountable audio recorder with shotgun microphone | Capture audio that sounds as good as your image looks
TM-Drums - Studio Condenser Microphone | Big Studio Sound to a Price Anyone Can Afford
TM-AM1 - Tripod-based Microphone Stand | Lightweight Microphone Stand
TM-AM2 - TASCAM TM-AM2 Microphone Stand | Scissor Arm, Radio-style Microphone Arm
TM-AM3 - Heavy-Duty Tripod-based Microphone Stand | Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand
TM-AR1 - Acoustic Control Filter | Take Control of your Audio Environment
TM-AG1 - Pop Filter | A must for any recording vocalist
TM-ST1 - Stereo microphone with pattern switching | The new TM-ST1 is a stereo microphone with stereo pattern switching