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CC-222MKIII - Professional CD / Cassette Recorder with MP3 Playback

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the CC-222MKIV.


TASCAM's CC-222mkIII is the latest generation of the most popular combination CD/cassette recorder ever. The CC-222mkIII, like its predecessors, records to both CD and Cassette media at the same time, and features an RIAA phono input for recording directly from a turntable. The newest version adds numerous features users have been asking for, including MP3 fi le playback, power on play, optical digital output and time track increment.

The CC-222mkIII has unbalanced RCA inputs, and can be operated as two individual recorders or to record one source to both recorders simultaneously.

The new Time Track Increment feature automati-
cally adds a CD track ID every few minutes (adjustable from 1 to 10 minute increments), ideal for house of worship and event recording. The CC-222mkIII can also add a track marker when the signal drops below a certain level, or when the record button is pressed.

Using TASCAM CD recorders is simple, which is why they're the fi rst choice for houses of worship, schools, and other contractor and consumer applications.