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CC-222SL - CD / Cassette Combination Unit

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the CC-222MKIV.


TASCAM's most popular combination CD/Cassette recorder, the CC-222SL, now supports a more robust slot loading CD transport and comes equipped with "selectable" independent outputs for CD and Cassette. The CC-222SL includes a RIAA phono input which allows direct recording from a turntable; a feature which sets the CC-222SL above all the rest.

Further solidifying this source-device's reputation for flexibility is its ability to be operated as two individual recorders; or, record one source to both recorders consecutively. Digital I/O (coaxial and optical), RCA (unbalanced) analog I/O, Auto Track Increment, MP3 playback, Power on Play, Fade In and Out, Manual Track Increment, and a variety of playback modes are just a few of the features included on the CC-222SL that you've come to expect for TASCAM.