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CD-200SB - CD/SD/USB Player

This model has been discontinued.


Play all of your audio files, any time with easy CD-changer-like operations
Professional CD player with SD/SDHC and USB Memory Device playback support


TASCAM’s new CD-200SB is the next highly anticipated model in the top selling “CD-200” series. Designed to meet the increasing demand for solid-state and USB media compatibility, the CD-200SB offers SD/SDHC, USB flash storage and CD-R/RW (WAV and MP3 disc) playback along with CD dubbing to the SD and USB channels. TASCAM maintained the same professional qualities, build, reliability and ease-of-use as the industry’s most popular and trusted professional CD player, the CD-200i.

            CD-200SB features easy access function controls to maneuver through files and folders on solid-state media directly from the front panel. The unit is equipped with controls for fast track/file selection, multiple playback modes, +/- 14% pitch control and also includes a wireless remote control. Like all models in the signature “CD-200” series, CD-200SB features TASCAM’s esteemed CD-5020A transport to provide quiet playback, smooth loading and longevity while being outfitted with shockproof memory. To ensure easy set-up in any system TASCAM equipped CD-200SB with stereo line RCA, balanced XLR, and digital RCA coaxial and optical audio outputs, as well as a ¼” headphone output for monitoring.

            CD-200SB is the perfect 2U rack-mountable addition to any commercial or public space audio install. With its wide array of options and playback features the CD-200SB can meet any audio playback demands you might encounter. TASCAM has again delivered a trust worthy media player for your professional needs. 

Main Features

  • Play files from your solid-state media with ease
    • Direct access to 10 user defined folders configured within SD/SDHC and USB media
    • Transfer audio files from CDs to SD/SDHC cards and USB memory drives straight from the device
  • High-quality and well-regarded CD-5020A disc drive
  • Supports the demands of the ever-growing solid-state media market
  • Supports numerous audio formats
    • CD:CD-DA,Data-CD(wav/mp3/mp2)
    • SD/SDHC/USB: wav/mp3/mp2/WMA/AAC
  • Shock proof memory (up to 10 sec.)

iPod Dock

iPod Dock, Balanced

SD/SD/USB, Balanced


Play all of your audio files with ease from solid-state media


  • Direct access to 10 user defined folders configured within SD/SDHC and USB media

The number keys on the front panel can be used not only to select tracks on a CD but also for direct access to user-defined folders that you select on SD/SDHC cards and USB memory drives. By setting up individual folders like single albums, you can choose folders on solid-state media just like you would choose albums with a CD changer. Assigning folders is easy.
Step1:Press to the [BROWSE] key to enter browse mode.
Step2:Use the [FOLDER] keys to select the folder you want.
Step3:Press the [SET] key and then press a number key to assign the folder to it.
Transfer audio from CDs to SD/SDHC cards and USB memory drives straight from the device
The CD-200SB can convert audio CDs into files by itself. This two-step procedure is simple. Since CD audio is converted into files as the disc plays back, file conversion will be completed as you listen.
Step1:Load the CD and the SD/SDHC card or USB flash drive, and press the [DUBBING] button.
Step2:Use the number keys to select the folder that you want to dub to. If there is no folder, one will be created automatically. After doing this, dubbing will start automatically. When the CD playback stops, file conversion will be complete.


Other features


High-quality and well-regarded CD-5020A TEAC disc drive
All the products in the CD-200 series include a CD drive specifically designed for audio CD playback by TEAC. After months of development, the CD-5020A has become one of the most highly-regarded and relied upon drives in the market.
Solid-state media - reliable durable and versatile
The CD-200SB can use SD/SDHC cards and USB memory drives as playback sources. Due to the removal of rotation mechanisms, solid-state media is highly durable and reliable. For installed sound applications where solid state media is used heavily, the CD-200SB offers versatility that no other player does. 
Supports numerous audio formats
Since this unit supports playback of not only audio CDs but also numerous audio file formats, this unit will provide peace of mind when used in installed sound applications where you never know what type of files might be brought in for playback.


Features List

  • SD/SDHC, USB playback
  • Direct access to 10 user defined folders configured within SD/SDHC and USB media
  • Dubbing from CD to memory storages (WAV or MP3)
  • Playback format:
    • CD: CD-DA, WAV, MP3, MP2
  • CD Text and ID3/WMA/AAC tag display
  • Four playback modes: continuous, shuffle, single and program
  • Repeat playback modes
  • Folder repeat playback mode for data CDs, SD/SDHC and USB
  • Various time display (CD-DA: Track elapsed, track remain, total remain   others: Elapsed)
  • +/- 14.0 % pitch control for CD
  • Intro check
  • Shock-proof memory (up to 10 sec)
  • RCA unbalanced output
  • XLR balanced output
  • RCA coaxial and Optical digital outputs
  • EIA 2 U Rack mount size
  • Wireless Remote controller included
  • Headphone Output (1/4”)
  • ROHS Certified