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CD-A550MKII - Combination CD player and Cassette Recorder

This model has been discontinued.


TASCAM has updated its best-selling combination CD players/cassette recorders to the CD-A550MKII. Like TASCAM's CD-200, the new model uses TEAC's  CD-5020A drive mechanism, designed for audio playback with a smooth loading drawer and low clamping noise. Include MP3 and WAV file playback, CD Text display, Auto Cue and Auto Ready. Also digital output and pitch control for both the CD and cassette mechanisms.

The CD-A550MKII is a combination CD player and cassette recorder with CD-only outputs and common outputs that can output the tape signal, the mixed CD and tape signals or prioritize the tape signal . Contractor-specific features such as power-on play, a wired remote control, rackmountable design and CD shock memory ensure reliable performance.