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CD-A630 - Three CD Player / Cassette Combination Deck

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the CD-A750.


The CD-A630 builds from the CD-A500 features, adding a 3 tray CD player, pitch control on the CD player, parallel port, and optical digital output. The added flexibility offered by the CD-A630 is perfect for live shows, restaurant installations, or even simple PA systems.

The 3 CD player offers separate trays for each CD, making it very clear where the CD is loaded. This is great for live shows when switching between intermission music and show cues. The multiple tray operation is also key for public gathering areas, providing more source material for playback. A timer function allows the CD player to automatically go into play on power- up, if so desired.

The pitch control on the CD player is key for performers, allowing minor adjustments in pitch and tempo to be done on either the CD or cassette.

Like the CD-A500, RCA inputs are provided for the cassette deck. Outputs are also on RCA connectors for a line out (common to the cassette deck and CD player), plus an additional RCA output is dedicated to the CD player. Digital output for the CD player is available on SPDIF optical.

The RC-A630 wireless remote control is included with the CD-A630.