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DP-008EX - 8-track Digital Pocketstudio


Takayuki Fujii (Producer/ Musician)

*interview with Takayuki Fujii's, is one that was performed at the time of the previous generation model DP-008.

TEAC : How does the TASCAM DP-008 work for you?
Fuiji : Great! I use it for song-composing. I record my inspired riffs with an acoustic guitar by using the DP-008's internal microphone, and save the files to my iPad.

TEAC : How is the sound quality?
Fuiji : I don't usually plug my electric guitar directly into the DP-008. I love the sound much better using the DP-008 internal microphone because I can get that natural sound during recording.

TEAC : Where do you usually record music with DP-008?
Fuiji : Last time I went on a tour, I recorded in a car on the way to Kyushu City. The DP-008 has a long battery life that allows me to spend half a day writing songs in the car.

TEAC : I suppose the DP-008 is an optimal audio tool for all musicians on tour.
Fuiji : Yes, you can record your songs anywhere by utilizing the DP-008 and an iPad.

TEAC : Do you consider the DP-008 an easy-to-use audio tool for musicians?
Fuiji : Yes, the DP-008 is a user-friendly audio tool. The analog design with knobs on the panel allows for easy operation. This is the main reason I chose the DP-008.

TEAC : Did you notice that the DP-008 also provides reverb effects with non-hierarchical structure?
Fuiji : Yes, I did - and I think it is super simple to change the REVERB level or PAN direction by adjusting the knobs rather than spending time figuring out all the configurations through the display.

TEAC : Please give us your comments on the DP-008.
Fuiji : The DP-008 is a user-friendly audio recorder without a complicated configuration. I can record songs easily with a guitar, an iPad, and this multi-track recorder. By the way, do you want to check out the song I recorded with the DP-008?

The song plays

TEAC : A very nice song you wrote there!
Fuiji : Thank you! Well, I didn't focus that much on the mixdown. However, the DP-008 gives me the perfect stereo sound with a condenser microphone. It is a simple recording tool to start with by utilizing the features on the panel.

TEAC : Please share one final thought for our readers.
Fuiji : Making music with the DP-008 can definitely turn you into a musician or popular artist in the near future.

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