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DR-1 - Compact. Powerful. But without the Napoleon Complex.

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DR-05.


"Bottom Line: TASCAM is synonymous with 'musician-friendly,' and that philosophy permeates the DR-1. Besides, if you want to do overdubs, it's the only choice; I'd consider this the top pick for songwriters." - Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine

"This recorder delivers in spades." - Recording Magazine

"Very easy to operate... an impressive stereo recorder boasting a few very nice features." - Sound on Sound

"If you're a musician who wants a compact recorder for learning songs, TASCAM delivers the features the others can't touch." - Electronic Musician

"...the DR-1 would be great for a songwriter or arranger to take to the beach or on a family vacation..." - ProAudio Review (read more)