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DR-2d - Portable Solid State Recorder

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DR-22WL.


TASCAM's DR-2d opens up a list of possibilities for musicians, whether they're songwriting, rehearsing or performing live. With features like dual recording, Variable Speed Playback and 96kHz WAV audio quality, you'll want to take it anywhere you create music.



Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
WAV recording from 44.1kHz/16-bit to 96kHz/24-bit recording quality Detailed master WAV recordings to archive and master for polished-sounding CDs
MP3 recording from 32k to 320k Recordings you can instantly share online
Low-noise stereo condenser microphone Mic design improved over the DR-1 captures every detail
Records to SD or SD-HC card media (2GB card included) Uses affordable, reusable media that's resistant to shock and other damage
Built-in speaker Instantly check or play back a recording
Included wireless remote control Start recording from across the room or on-stage
Line and Mic inputs on 1/8" stereo jacks Use your own microphone or record a line level source like a drum machine or guitar effect processor
Effects processor Add reverb to your recordings, either during recording or on playback
Camera tripod mount Attach to any tripod for flexible recording anywhere


Using Dual Recording to Avoid Clipping

The dual recording feature can record two WAV files - one at normal level, one much lower - so you always have a backupin case your main recording distorts. Here's how to set that up:
  1. Press and hold the DUAL button, under the STOP button.
  2. Turn the DATA WHEEL to select "Mode".
  3. Press the »| button to access the right column.
  4. Turn the wheel again until the display says "Dual".
  5. Press |« to select the left column again, turn the wheel to select "Level" and press the »| button.
  6. Use the wheel to select how much lower the second recording should be, from -6dB to -12dB.
  7. Press the STOP/HOME button then press RECORD. The bottom left corner should say something like "Dual -12".


Better Live Recordings with Dual Inputs

Another advantage to the dual recording feature is recording two sets of inputs. For live recording, you can record your set using the built-in mics as well as a direct "board mix" from the front-of-house mixer to the line inputs. To set this up:
  1. Press and hold the DUAL button, under the STOP button.
  2. Turn the DATA WHEEL to select "Mode", Press the »| button to access the right column.
  3. There are two options, Mix and Line. Use "Mix" to combine the two sources inside the DR-2d for one stereo file. Use "Line" to create two stereo files on the DR-2d that you can mix together later using your DAW software.
  4. Adjust the "Level" setting to set the second recording level (in "Line") or the blend between mic and line inputs (in "Mix.")


Using Variable Speed Audition to Learn Music

TASCAM portable recorders allow you to loop and slow down music to learn new licks or transcribe parts. Here is how you set that up:
  1. Play a WAV or MP3 file.
  2. Press the I/O button at the start and end point of where you want to loop the section. The music will automatically loop.
  3. Press the PB CONT button to switch that function on.
  4. Press and hold the PB CONT button to access its menu. There are four settings that affect playback here:
    • VSA - When on, the music will not change pitch when you slow it down.
    • Speed - Changes playback between 1/2 speed and 2x rate
    • Key - Changes the pitch of playback in 1/2 step intervals
    • Fine Tune - Use this to match the playback to your instrument's pitch without re-tuning
  5. Press the STOP/HOME button to go to the main screen.


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