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GB-10 - Guitar/Bass Trainer/Recorder


TOMO-ZO (Guitarist)

TEAC : How has the GB-10 worked for you?
TOMO-ZO : I usually use it for practice. I find it is very useful, especially while using it with the built-in VSA function. This allows me to play precisely and in-tune, while playing along with the track at a slower speed. There are some popular songs with fast solos that I need to work on, and using the GB-10 is the fastest way for me to perfect my playing.

TEAC : Have you tried the built-in loop function?
TOMO-ZO : Yes, I have. I use the function to arrange new licks and solos.

TEAC : How do you like recording with the GB-10?
TOMO-ZO : I love it! I can monitor my playing while practicing or recording, and it helps me find the parts I need to work on to improve my performance.

TEAC : Basically you use the GB-10 for practice, solo arrangements, and recording?
TOMO-ZO : Yes. I also write songs with it. I record every idea that comes to mind, and its portability has saved a lot of time while I'm outside the studio or on tour.

TEAC : How were the built-in effects?
TOMO-ZO : I found the built-in effects very useful. I used to practice songs with a clean tone, and it took me a while to learn the entire song. However, with the GB-10, I can practice along with the song and simultaneously get the tone I want through its effects presets. This versatile tool makes practicing more interesting and fun! I could spend my whole day on practice without getting bored and frustrated.

TEAC : Thank you for sharing your comments. Anything else you want to mention about the GB-10?
TOMO-ZO : As you know, I am not an electronic person. This magical tool has performed perfectly, and its user-friendly operation is just right for beginners like me. The GB-10 is a unique and exceptional guitar trainer and recorder for musicians, and provides everything you want in music.


Unit Gacharic Spin
Respondent TOMO-ZO(Guitar)


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