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HS-2 - Stereo Professional Solid State Recorder


The TASCAM HS-2 is the perfect replacement for timecode DAT and MD recorders.  It provides up to 192kHz/24-bit Broadcast WAV file stereo recording.  Its feature-rich flexibility and reliability is perfect for broadcast, post production and professional audio applications.


・ CF and SD Cards (UDMA compatible) Used as Recording Media

The HS-2 supports CF UDMA media - widely used in broadcast and professional audio applications - and SD/SDHC & USB media for recording/playback popular in the consumer market. Without rotary mechanisms, these media types provide silent and shock-resistant operation.

・ An Intuitive TFT Touch Screen Interface

The HS-2 employs a color TFT screen, popularized in the rest of the HS-Series. This screen provides complete control of functionality.

・ 3 Operation Modes for Various Applications

TIMELINE MODE emulates analog tape. When you record/overwrite in timeline mode, HS-2 will record to one region. TIMELINE MODE can perform non-destructive edits similar to a DAW.
HS-2 will record one "TAKE" (audio file) when recording. The TAKE has time-code. This mode can perform destructive editing similar to that of an MD recorder.
You can play audio files that are registered to your playlist. This mode is ideal for flash-start. PLAYLIST MODE can set a point of IN and OUT. All edits of the flash-start presets can be edited directly from the HS-2.

・ Giga-bit Ethernet LAN Control via RJ-45 

Data transfer, remote control, and remote monitoring is possible via this connection. Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX can access the HS-2 through FTP protocol. This feature provides the capability to exchange files between the HS-2 and computer networks. It is also possible to control the HS-2 remotely via VNC (Virtual Network Computing) and VNC viewer applications. 

・ Real-time OS Provides Fast and Stable Operation

The real-time operating system designed for the HS-Series provides benefits such as fast booting, fast display and stable operation. When recording, files are saved every 2 seconds - and the HS-2 does not stop if the CF/SD-card is accidentally ejected. 

・ High-quality Audio Circuitry Same as HS-4000/2000 & CD-9010

The HS-2 is a flexible recorder with high-quality audio. The electronic components have been carefully chosen to provide exceptional performance. The D/A converters used in the HS-2 are Burr Brown PCM1796, and the operational amplifiers are field-proven JRC NJM5532. The power supply features a rugged capacitor designed to provide stability and reliability.


Feature List 

  • 2-ch audio recorder/player - the  successor for timecode DAT and MD recorders
  • CF (Ultra DMA compatible) and SD/SDHC cards used as recording media
  • Mirror recording mode
  • Supports 16/24bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz
  • Supports BWF/WAV format
  • Import/export in AES31 format
  • 3 different operation modes
  • TIMELINE mode emulates analog tape
  • TIMELINE mode can perform non-destructive edits similar to a DAW
  • TAKE mode can perform destructive edits similar to a MD
  • PLAYLIST mode is ideal for flash-start
  • Adjust playback level, fade in/out time, start/end points
  • Files editable during playback and recording
  • Innovative TFT color touch-screen interface
  • Data copying between USB memory and CF/SD card
  • Supports RC-HS20PD remote controller providing 100-points of flash-start
  • Supports RC-SS20 remte controller providing 100points flash-start
  • Flash-start via parallel, RS-232C serial and PS/2
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing) compatible
  • D-sub 25-pin parallel control port
  • D-sub 9-pin RS-232C serial control port
  • JOG and SHUTTLE function
  • Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Incremental Play
  • XLR/RCA analog inputs/outputs
  • XLR AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs
  • RCA S/PDIF digital inputs/outputs
  • Headphone output
  • Word sync input/output
  • PS/2 or USB keyboard compatible
  • Time-code sync and RS-422 serial control available (when used with optional SY-2 expansion card)
  • BNC video reference available (NTSC/PAL black-burst or HDTV tri-level sync)
  • 2U rack-mountable
  • 1000BASE-T Giga-bit Ethernet available
  • File transfer by FTP and remote control by telnet


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Remote Controller
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