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Kamesan KS-T2000 - 3-Channel Location Mixer

This model has been discontinued.


The KS-T2000 is a 3-in, stereo out portable field mixer. Its high audio quality makes it suitable for productions of any level, while its affordable price point puts the KS-T2000 within reach for DV and MiniDV productions.

Each of the three channel strips offer XLR inputs, capable of accepting mic or line levels. Phantom Power, A-B Power, and 160Hz High Pass filter are available per-channel.

The front panel is ergonomically designed, recessing the "set-up" controls so the volume knobs are easily accessible. This is really helpful when a single tech needs to operate the video camera and sound.

The output stage offers balanced XLR outputs (mic or line level) and unbalanced RCA outputs. The RCA outputs are very helpful for "pro-sumer" cameras, or for integrating with other field equipment. A 1K reference tone generator is available for setting gain structure.

For monitoring the camera return, a 1/8" mini jack is provided. The headphones can be flipped between between monitor output and monitor input. This allows monitoring the camera during playback of a take, or during recording of the take for confidence monitoring.

The KS-T2000CC carrying case and KS-PSM12BP AC power adapter are optional.

Accessory Pricing (US$ MSRP):

KS-T2000CC Carry Case $150
KS-PSM12BP AC Power Supply $225